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Diana Macri RDH, BSDH, MS.Ed.

Curriculum Vitae





2012                         The Bernard M. Baruch College                                                                                    Master of Science in Education, Higher Education Administation        

2007                         University of Bridgeport                                                                                                Bachelor of Science, Dental Hygiene   


1995                          New York City Technical College (now New York City College of                                       Technology)

                                  Associate of Applied Science, Dental Hygiene




2014-present             Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College                                                                 Assistant Professor

2009-2014                 New York University College of Dentistry                                                                     Clinical Instructor

2008-2014                 New York City College of Technology                                                                             Adjunct Lecturer

Private practice dental hygienist

1995-present             Dr. Harry Weisenfeld, DDS. Staten Island, NY

2013-present             Dr. Robert Rosenkranz, DDS. Brooklyn, NY

2012-present             Dr. Joseph Marini, DMD. NY, NY

2011-2012                Dr. Thomas Sapienza, DMD. Brooklyn, NY

2008-2010                Dr. Joel Sokol, DDS. Brooklyn, NY





New York City College of Technology, Top Five Class Rank 1995

University of Bridgeport, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi 2007


PUBLICATIONS (peer reviewed)


March, 2016           Pain Management in Dentistry. The Dental Assistant. 85(2): 38-40

March, 2016           Implementing a Minimally Invasive Approach. Dimensions of                                         Dental Hygiene. 14(03):32,34,37      

December, 2015     Strategies for Improving Patient Compliance. Dimensions of Dental                               Hygiene. 13(12):27–29

September, 2015    Utilizing Dental Hygienists to Improve Health Outcomes in Long-

                              Term Care. Annals of Long Term Care. 23(9):21-24.


PUBLICATIONS (non-peer reviewed)


July, 2016                  Expert Advice- Patient compliance hinges on effective communication strategies. RDH Magazine.

June, 2016                 What you need to know about oral rinses. Dental Products Report. https://www.dentalproductsreport.com/hygiene/article/what-you-need-know-about-oral-rinses

January, 2016           The importance of combatting antimicrobial resistance. Dental Products Report. http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/hygiene/article/importance-combatting-antimicrobial-resistance

December, 2015       Parental leave policies: when will dentistry value parenthood, too? DentistryIQ. http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2015/12/parental-leave-when-will-dentistry-value-parenthood-too.html

November, 2015       The Dental Hygienist’s Role in Promoting Oral Health Equity Within Hispanic/Latino Populations. Access Magazine.

October, 2015           Why women dentists in the current generation are indeed pioneers. Dental Products Report. http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/search/solr_search/diana%20macri

August, 2015             I'm a dental hygienist, not a therapist (or social worker … or saleswoman … or psychiatrist … or detective)” Dental Products Report. http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/hygiene/article/im-dental-hygienist-not-therapist-or-social-worker-or-saleswoman-or-psychiatrist-or-

April, 2015                 How can you prevent violations of health and safety in the dental industry? Dental Products Report. http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/hygiene/article/how-can-you-prevent-violations-health-and-safety-dental-industry

March, 2015              In Her Own Words: Make a (Mission) Statement. Women in Higher Education. 24(3), 6 and 12.

March, 2015              Hispanics and Oral Health: What Dental Hygienists Must Know. DentistryIQ.http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2015/03/hispanics-and-oral-health-what-dental-hygienists-must-know.html

December, 2014       The dental professional's role in HIV education: It's an ethical responsibility. DentistryIQ. http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/12/the-dental-professionals-role-in-hiv-education.html

November, 2014       Expanding the Practice of Dental Hygiene and its Role in Promoting Oral Health Equity. Oral Health Equity for All. http://oheall.org/main/2014/12/05/inaugural-guest-writer-series-expanding-the-practice-of-dental-hygiene-and-its-role-in-promoting-oral-health-equity/

October, 2014           By giving back you can boost your dental hygiene career. DentistryIQ.            http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/10/by-giving-back-you-can-boost-your-career.html

September, 2014      The infographic is here: promoting the dental hygiene profession. DentistryIQ. http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/09/the-infographic-is-here-promoting-the-dental-hygiene-profession.html

September, 2014      Nutritional Education: fighting inflammation from the inside out. DentistryIQ. http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/09/nutritional-education-fighting-inflammation-from-the-inside-out.html




May, 2016                 Presenter, “Holding Conversations: Getting to the POINT of Peer                                    Observations”. CUNY CUE Conference.

March, 2016              Presenter, “Utilizing Gaming Technology to Enhance Student                                        Learning”. American Dental Education Association Annual                                            Session.

August, 2015             Invited Speaker, “Building the Next Generation of                                                        Hispanic/Latino Academicians”. Hispanic Dental Association                                          Annual Conference.

June 14, 2015            Invited Speaker, “New York Collaborative Practice”. New York                                         Hispanic Dental Association, Dental Hygiene Extravaganza.

March, 2015              Invited Panelist, “What to Do After Dental School?” Hispanic                                        Dental Association Eastern Regional Conference.

August, 2014             Invited Speaker, “Private and Public Health Options”. Hispanic                                      Dental Association Annual Session

November, 2014        Presenter, “Humanitarianism Combatting Oral Health                                                    Disparities”. 91st Greater New York Dental Meeting Scientific                                        Poster Presentation.




May, 2016                  Marshall, 45th Commencement Ceremony, Eugenio Maria de                                         Hostos Community College

May, 2016                  Keynote Speaker, Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony

May, 2016                  Hostos Dental Health Day, Bronx, NY

November, 2015         Bread of Life Drive, Staten Island, NY

August, 2015             Sirviendo a Nuestros Heroes/Serving Our Heroes. Greater San                                      Antonio Christian Dental Clinic, San Antonio, Texas      

November, 2013        Missions of Mercy-American Dental Association, New Orleans, LA

June, 2012                Somos Amigos Medical/Dental Mission, Dominican Republic





June, 2016                 MetroCITI Conference 2016 Landscapes for Learning: Creating                                     Liberal Education in Urban Colleges and Universities

June, 2016                 Attendee, 2nd Annual Dental Hygiene Extravaganza

May, 2016                  Attendee, CUNY CUE Conference

March, 2016               Instructor, American Dental Education Association/                                                       Colgate/Academy for Academic Leadership Institute for Allied                                       Health Educators

March, 2016              Reviewer, 2016 American Dental Education Association Annual                                    Session and Exhibition

March, 2016              Attendee, 2016 American Dental Education Association Annual                                    Session and Exhibition

December, 2015        Attendee, 14th Annual CUNY IT Conference

May, 2015                  ttendee, 2015 ELL Forum, “Culturally Responsive Teaching: Why                                      does it matter?”

May, 2015                  Attendee, WAC Workshop: “Why Writing in the Disciplines                                             Matter”

May, 2015                  Attendee, Bronx EdTech Showcase

March, 2015              Attendee, CUNY Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference

November, 2014       Contributor, Collaborative Practice Act Informational Toolkit.                                               Dental Hygiene Association of New York

2014-Present            Peer Reviewer, The Journal of Dental Education.

2014-2016                 Editorial Director, RDH Graduate Online Newsletter Pennwell                                              Publishing

2012-present             Blogger, Empire Hygeniuses





June, 2016                 Chair, Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Committee, NY                                         Hispanic Dental Association

August, 2015             Co-Chair-Dental Hygiene Symposium, Hispanic Dental                                                   Association Annual Conference





2015-2016                 Member, Hostos Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory                                           Council

2015-2016                 Member, Hostos Admissions and Retention Committee

2015-2016                 Member, Hostos POINT Committee

2015-2016                 Chair-Communications Committee, Hispanic Dental Association

2015-2016                 Co-Chair, Audit Committee, American Academy of Dental                                              Hygiene

2015-2016                 Co-Chair, Minutes Review Committee, American Academy of                                         Dental Hygiene

2015-2016                 Member, Tottenville High School Dental Office Careers Technical                                   Education Program Advisory Committee

2015-2018                 Member-Minority Affairs Advisory Committee, American Dental                                     Education Association 





May, 2016                  William Stewart Travel Award





2014-present             New York Academy of Science

2015-2016                Governing Council Member, American Academy of Dental                                              Hygiene

2015-present              Treasurer, New York Hispanic Dental Association

2014-2015                 Trustee, Hispanic Dental Association

2013-2015                 Secretary, New York Hispanic Dental Association

2011-present              American Dental Education Association

2008-present              New York State Union of Teachers

2008-present              National Education Association

2004-present            Richmond County Dental Hygiene Study Group

1995-present             American Dental Hygienists Association

1995-present             Dental Hygienists Association of the City of New York

1995-present             Dental Hygiene Association of the State of New York 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.