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Use this space to write a reflective statement exploring how your working life has prepared you for the future. What, if any, of your work experiences have influenced your studies? Have any of your work experiences given you any insight into what you want to do after your studies are at an end. Be sure to write a statement of between 100-250 words.


Be sure to include a photograph of you in a work-related setting, or an image that has something to do with either a previous job, or the career of your dreams. Do NOT use images you find online if you do not have copyright permission. Instead, use a service such as www.istockphoto.com


Finally, include your resumé in PDF format. If you do not know how to turn a Microsoft Word document into PDF format, ask OIT for help.


Please use this template to compose your resume: Resume Template 2.docx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.